Working at a fast growing company that is important for the future 🌅

Join a fast growing company that matters to the future. At Fastned you can work on tangible sustainable infrastructure to accelerate electric mobility.

The internal combustion engine is a disaster for the climate and our health. Switching as quickly as possible to electric driving, in combination with renewable energy can avert climate change, and will make our cities cleaner and less noisy.

Fastned is building a European network of fast charging stations where all electric vehicles can charge as fast as possible. We believe this infrastructure is necessary for electric vehicle drivers to experience true freedom.

A network of dependable & recognisable fast charging stations along highways and in our cities is necessary for the transition to sustainable electric mobility. A single fast charging station can charge hundreds of vehicles per day, resulting in a space-efficient and scalable model.

This is why Fastned is single-mindedly focussed on finding the right locations, building high-capacity fast charging stations and improving uptime & customer experience.

Our goals is a European network of 1000 fast charging stations on prime locations, where electric drivers can charge their vehicles with renewable energy from the sun and wind.

We 💛 building beautiful stations

Working at Fastned 💪

Fastned has a motivated, international team with the drive and knowledge to build a European network of fast charging stations. People at Fastned are intrinsically motivated to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. We make decisions fast, focus on better customer experience and keep things as simple as possible. Fastned works in small, committed teams with strong focus:

  • Customer Operations & Maintenance
  • Location scouting, planning & building
  • Software development
  • Finance & Legal
  • Marketing & Funding

Our mission is to give freedom to electric drivers

- Fastned

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